Sara Brull, Instructor

Spring 2009

“I just wanted to say "thank you" to you all!  Margaret used her skills tonight in a real world situation.  My husband and I were outside on the pool deck with her this evening.  She was on the pool coping and got down on her knees and reached for a leaf in the pool.  She leaned a little too far and fell in head first.  Before we made it over to her, she had surfaced, rolled over to her back, and was floating like a champ.  She was fully clothed (dress, normal diaper).  It did scare her (and us too), but she was totally fine once we got her dried off.  I just wanted to share the event with you and let you know (again) how thankful I am for ISR!!!”

            - Tricia M.

Summer 2009

"We would like to thank you for teaching Samantha the ISR survival swim skills.  You demonstrated such patience with her.  Prior to ISR, she did not like to go under water.  Samantha now “show’s off” that she can go under water & float.  Her confidence has really increased since her lessons.  We felt that survival skills were very important around water even though we don’t have a pool.  We have a community pool & go to the lake often.  We feel that the cost/time were well worth the results."

            - The West Family

Summer 2010

"Let me just say that our daughter LOVES Miss Sara. Miss Sara was very patient and encouraging as well as firm while working with Birch--all of which qualities were needed in abundance!!! Sara certainly went the extra mile to make sure that Birch would be able to swim and float competently. I would highly recommend her to any parent with small children that need to learn survival swimming. Three cheers for Miss Sara!! Your hard work paid off--thank you so much! "

            - Cora V.

Summer 2010

"Sara, we can't thank you enough for the valuable life skill you have shared with our son. You took so much patience and care with our little man and, though he cried some at first, I never once felt he was in danger. Now crying about swimming is a thing of the past (except when he has to get out of the pool)! After completing his ISR lessons he is confident in and around the water and we, his parents are at ease too! And happy- Oh, how he loves to jump and swim. The benefit of these lessons has far outweighed the cost, time and effort. WOW! I am so grateful! I am encouraging everyone I know with small children to sign up TODAY! "

            - Lindsay C.

Summer 2010

"ISR with Sara was an awesome experience! Sara was patient yet firm with my daughter and got her to overcome her fears. Within 3 weeks my daughter was swimming like a fish! I'm so much more comfortable with my daughter and swimming. "

            - Rebecca K.

>Summer 2010

"After seeing our nephew survival swim after taking ISR classes, there was no question that we would enroll our 23 month old daughter in the program. It was a must. Sara Brull, her swim instructor, was extremely kind, caring and committed to the success of the program. Within 6 weeks, our daughter had the necessary water skills to help survive a fall into our pool unattended. This gives us great peace of mind. Thank you Sara! You are amazing! Get ready for our son. He is next! "

            - The Redmonds

Summer 2010

"Tanner loved the water from day one! It didn't matter if we were at the pool, the lake, the beach or the good 'ole bath, he just wanted to splash and have fun. As water loving parents, we were thrilled but as Tanner got older we realized he had absolutely no fear of the water. And why should he, water is fun and relaxing. Playing in it is something our entire family loves to do. So we were so excited when I received an email from my neighbor, Sara Brull, offering her services as an ISR instructor. My husband and I visited the website and watched the videos of children as young as 6 months save themselves from drowning. As parents we all want to educate and give our children the best. So why not teach them the easy, fun skills that could potentially save their life?

Tanner loved Miss Sara! She was always compassionate, trustworthy and knowledgeable. She could explain, in detail, why we were practicing each skill and we would never move to the next until she knew Tanner was ready. After the first week, Tanner looked forward to going to the lessons everyday and never wanted to get out when the lesson was over. I have also watched Sara teach other children. She gets to know each child, establishes trust and conducts the lesson on what works for each individual. I could not have picked a better teacher. On the last day when I saw Tanner in full winter clothes swimming, rolling-over and floating until he got to the steps, my heart skipped a beat. I had just given him the power to save himself if the situation ever occurred. I thank and highly recommend ISR and Tanner's wonderful teacher Sara Brull. "

            - Bethard S.

Summer 2010

"I first learned of ISR last spring when my good friend enrolled her son. I was amazed at the results but wasn’t able to commit the time during normal working hours. While in her pool this past Spring I learned that classes were now being offered in the evening and at a fairly convenient location and immediately went home and enrolled my son Max. I was worried that since he was almost 3 that it’d be harder to teach him these “instinctive” skills. I was shocked that in just 1 week of classes he was already floating on his back and swimming under water. He was so proud of himself. After week 2 we went swimming at a friend’s and Max fell in from the steps, he easily swam to safety and pulled himself out of the water without panic or frustration. His confidence was already building! Today Max swims regularly with his friends and family, it is so nice to be able to enjoy swimming with him. I can’t believe I didn’t make this commitment sooner!

I have to compliment Sara for her patience and teaching style. She really knew how to get Max in the water and encourage him to swim without making it a frightening experience for him. I saw her with several of her students and was impressed by her ability to adjust her style to the needs of her students. We look forward to taking a refresher course with her next spring before our vacation! "

            - Melanie M.

Summer 2010

"My son took ISR swimming lessons with Sara for 6 weeks, starting when he was 17 months old. From the first lesson, Sara was patient, kind, and enthusiastic with my son. Each day I was amazed at how much more he would learn and remember from the previous lesson. Sara knew his limits and made sure not to push him past his ability each day, but stretched him enough so that he was able to sustain a back float in full clothes within 6 weeks! Now, 5 months after lessons, he still is able to swim to the side, float on his back, and he waits for permission to enter the pool. What wonderful life skills to know at such a young age. I was so impressed with his progress, I have recommended Sara to all my friends with babies/toddlers and would recommend the ISR method to anyone. It is amazing! "

            - Laurel B.

Fall 2010

"When our daughters ages 3 and 4 started ISR, they couldn't float on their own or safely swim without assistance and constant supervision. Under your tutelage we watched them quickly and painlessly learn how to float. They are now able to play in the pool without assistance because of your training (of course they're always supervised). We're so pleased with the results and thrilled that the girls have graduated the class. We highly recommend you and the program to our friends and family and would be pleased to provide the most glowing recommendation of you and ISR. We appreciated your constant encouragement throughout and your positive attitude and flexibility. The girls enjoyed the class and bonded with you, they're going to miss the nightly lessons. Congratulations on a terrific program! "

            -Mike and Barbara

Fall 2010

"Sara, you are the best! I am so thankful we found ISR and especially you. This has been a wonderful experience and the best money we've ever spent! It is absolutely amazing what our little 2-year old has accomplished in just 6 weeks! He absolutely loves the water and is a little fish. You have given him the skills to save himself should he find himself in what otherwise would seem like an impossible position. It gives me and my husband (and especially all of the grandparents with the pools!) some peace of mind. We loved getting to know you, too. We will miss you! Thank you again for everything! "

            - Courtney P.

Fall 2010

"We want to thank Sara for the wonderful ISR experience this summer. Our 1 year old daughter, Emma, went from being nervous and scared when water was simply poured over her head in the bathtub to a confident (and often times clapping) floater within just a few short weeks. Sara's patience and calm approach was also great for us parents. She took the time to explain the various techniques being applied so that we were more comfortable with the process. We couldn't be more pleased with how far Emma has progressed. We now have a daughter who is much more comfortable in the water and loves it! Thanks again Sara!! "

            - Marie G.

Fall 2010

"We enrolled our 13 month old son for ISR lessons to acquire survival swim skills. It was a great learning experience. Sara you were patient, understanding and knowledgeable in helping our son overcome his fear of water. In just 3 weeks you had him floating without any assistance. We are grateful for the life saving skills you have taught him and highly recommend every parent with small children to sign up for your classes. "

            - Audrey and Allan

Fall 2010

"We decided to enroll our daughter in ISR lessons after hearing rave reviews from a friend about Sara. We had nothing but an amazing experience! Our daughter looked forward to attending lessons each day. Sara was extreemly knowledagable, patient, kind and kept us informed of how our daughter was progressing. As a result, our daughter is more comfortable around the water and I have complete confidence in the fact that if she fell in she would be able to float and get to the side. We are expecting our second child soon and we will definately put them through ISR with Sara! "

            - Sara H.

Spring 2011

"We did ISR training with Miss Sara for our daughter this summer and absolutely LOVED it. Jacey is swimming in the water without any floatation device, and most importantly she's safe in the water. Sara gave her the tools to keep her safe, give her confidence, and make us feel comfortable with Jacey in the water. Jacey knows how to rest and float on her back when she's tired, she knows how to swim to the stairs, and to the side of the pool to be safe. Thanks to Sara for her patience, love and committment to teach children to survive in the water. "

            - Bliss D.

Spring 2011

"We chose to do the ISR swimming lesson after seeing it on T.V. Having a pool in the back yard we felt it was a necessity to teach our daughter survival skills. So, before she was even born we contacted ISR and knew that we were going to enroll her as soon as she was old enough. At 6 months we drove over 50 miles one way to bring our daughter into the metroplex for lessons. In a matter of weeks she was floating on her back and able to hold her breath. This program is by far the best program available for teaching children how to survive in the water! Addison loves the water and we feel safe knowing that she has the skills to save herself if an accident were to happen. We can't wait to see you in the spring of 2012 for more lessons. Thank you Miss Sara!!!! "

            - Lance, Jennifer, & Addison D.

Spring 2011

"We recently moved here from AZ and found Sara through the ISR website. We have 3 children and all have been through the program previously...moving here we were torn because we were very attached to our instructor Holly Nelson of Chandler but knew we'd have to find a new ISR home. Sara was absolutely wonderful. The kids took to her immediately. Sara was so loving yet got the job done. This summer swimming with all three children was such a joy and so much fun!! I cannot rave about ISR enough. I can't tell you how many people cringe when they see our youngest enter a pool without floaties...but then they see my kids swim and EVERY TIME come up to me and ask me how they can swim like they do. I can tell you there's been multiple occasions the kids have lost their footing for whatever reason and immediately go to their floats. Of course nothing is 100% drown-proof but this is by far the closest thing. If you don't put your children in this program you're doing them as well as yourself a great injustice. I know many parents worry about their child "freaking out" and having a fear of the water if you put them through's the exact opposite reaction. All three of our children have become little fish!! Meeting Sara and having our children work with her was such a blessing. She has such patience, a great sense of humor and incredibly professional. ISR is a commitment but the payout is unbelievably worth it. I still get tears in my eyes watching one of my children go to their float for the first time. Your child will LOVE working with'll know you're child will be in safe hands and have a positive experience they will carry on with them for the rest of their lives. "

            - Christy B.

Spring 2011

"ISR was such a fantastic swim course and did wonders for my son. Before we started, my 3 year old son was afraid to go under water and was not comfortable swimming without flotation devices. A couple weeks into the course he was going under water and swimming short distances. He was so excited with himself and could not wait to go to swim every day to learn new skills and see Mrs. Sara. By the end of the course he was swimming and floating and was completely confident in his skills. My husband and I could not believe the transformation in his swimming from the beginning to the end. Not only has this course increased his confidence in swimming, but I have also seen his confidence increase in other areas which is a true testament to his wonderful instructor, Sara. Sara’s patience coupled with her knowledge and skills really appealed to my son and all other kids I had the opportunity see her coach. I will be sending my daughter through the course next year and can’t wait to see the results. My husband and I could not be more pleased with the course overall and highly recommend it! "

            - Lana K.

Spring 2011

"My wife and I enjoyed taking our daughter to Sara’s ISR lessons. Sara is super friendly, patient, and very knowledgeable. Our daughter Abby loved the lessons as much as she loved Sara. We would definitely recommend Sara to anyone looking for an ISR lessons instructor. She’s probably the best. "

            - David H.



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